Friday, February 15, 2008

An Introduction

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We need food to live, each and every one of us.

You don't eat, and you can check yourself right out of the ol' living game, right here, right now.

And yet, it is so much more than simple caloric intake. It is satisfaction, it is a path for reminicing, it is family, it is tradition. Unfortunately, far too many people, young people, in particular, eat dinner every night out of cans and boxes. If they ever do try to cook, they find themselves making the same two or three recipes, time and time again. Others, resigned to their fate, live exclusively on take-out.

I'm starting this blog in order to demonstrate that any person, even those hamstrung by limited time, limited ability, and limited funds, can still make delicious food, and can learn to cook well. I'm a grad-student, with a full-time job, no car, and two house wrecking, time-demanding cats. If I can do this, you can as well. The blog's named after an incident related to me by someone who "can't cook," (and who, for now, will go nameless) about a time, before she met me, when she managed to burn spaghetti to the bottom of a pot. She'll be making some appearences here, learning to cook by my side -- a test pilot, if you would.

I'll also try to have the occasional West Philadelphia-related post, looking into food options in the area, suppliers, etc. I don't have a car (only a bicycle), something that many young folks can relate to, I'm sure. It's possible to do this all on foot. Trust me.

I also have an interest in craft beer, and in homebrewing, as well. For those a little worried, let me say this: If you can make oatmeal, you can brew beer from scratch. If you can boil water, you can make beer from extract, on your kitchen stove. I'll hopefully have some posts about brewing sessions here as well, and I'll try to suggest wine and beer pairings (again, affordable ones), with the dishes I present here. There will also be some segments on mixology, and cocktails.

Cheap, fresh, and delicious. With alcohol. And lots of butter. That's what this blog is going to be about. I hope that works for you.

Music: The Beatles -- "Hello, Goodbye":

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