Saturday, August 17, 2013

Back At Last: The Relaunch of Burning Pasta

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Hello there, folks (if you are, in fact, still out there).

It has been almost two years since this page was updated, which seems far too long.  Not that I just spent the last couple of years just lounging around.  Much has happened; the Pasta Burner and I got married (and she´s quickly threatening to become a better cook than I am), I graduated from law school, and we´ve taken the time to do some traveling.  I´ve got lots of new ideas and recipes ready, and I´m excited to share them with you.

To that end, I´ll be relaunching the site in a few weeks with a series of new posts, starting with a travelogue that follows a recent trip through Morocco, Spain, and France.  After that, we´ll return to a recipe-based format.  The picture above is a preview, a shot I took of جامع الفناء, otherwise known as Jemma el-Fna, the main square of Marrakech, Morocco.  Our next post will most likely be about the glorious night market there.

Thanks for your patience; I hope you´ll read along with this next iteration of Burning Pasta.  Let´s see where it takes us.

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  1. happy! happy! joy! joy! In my bookmarks you've remained for the idle click every now and then and you are. Your audience is waiting.


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